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Ready, Willing, and Unable

December 10th, 2008  |  Published in Featured, Recruitment

The U.S. Armed Forces, faced with ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, announced in late February that it would start recruiting skilled immigrants on temporary visas to bolster its ranks. Yet, hundreds of thousands of young people who consider the United States home — illegal immigrants who arrived here as children – remain barred from service. Federal legislation introduced in 2001 would have changed that, enabling them to receive legal status through education or military service. But the DREAM Act, as it was called, collapsed in 2007, with critics charging it would reward lawbreakers and promote further illegal immigration. Under the Obama administration, experts expect the legislation to resurface, this time likely with the votes to clear Congress. Daniela Gerson visited the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at Hollywood High School, where illegal immigrant youth are among the most promising cadets.

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